A World Government

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I. National Governments and Globalization

1. From the Nation-State to the Global Polity

II. The Globalization of Law

1. The Globalization of Law
2. Governing the World
3. Does a “Global Constitution” Exist?
4. The Global Dimensions of Democracy

III. Global Regulation

1. Administrative Law without the State? The Challenge of Global Regulation
2. Is there a Global Administrative Law?
3. Global Standards for National Administrative Procedure
4. Ruling Indirectly: Judicial Subsidiarity in the ECTHR
5. The Development of Global Administrative Law
6. Global Administrative Law: The State of the Art

IV. Judging and Globalization

1. Legal Comparison by the Courts
2. The Constitutional Function of Supranational Courts: From Global Legal Space to Global Legal Order
3. The Constellation of Global and National Courts: Jurisdictional Redundancy and Interchange
4. Interactions between National and Supranational Levels of Jurisdiction

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